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Assholes Finish First
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Narrator: Tucker Max
Format: Abridged
Release Date: September 2010
Audio Length: 8.5 hours
Rating: 00 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 5
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Publisher Summary

What do you do after you write a #1 bestselling book about your drunken, sexual misadventures that makes you rich and famous? Celebrate by getting more drunk and having insane amounts of sex, obviously. And pretty soon you've got another fucking book on your hands. Stuffed full of ridiculous stories of bad decisions, debauchery, and sexual recklessness, Assholes Finish First starts where I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell left off, then proceeds to "some next-level shit." You already know how women react to confidence, game, and vodka, but what happens when you add money and fame to the mix? You get answers to the hard questions you've never thought of asking: • What's it like to have sex with a midget? What about two midgets? • How does it feel to get multiple requests to "fuck for charity"? • What does it do to a man to watch a 19-year-old do wind sprints to sober up, so that she can have sex with you before her twin sister does? • At what number of virgins does deflowering them stop being fun and start feeling like a job? • When a girl you met three hours ago decides to tattoo your name next to her pussy, what is the appropriate reaction? • Can you X-ray a blowjob? The answers are inside, they are absurd and hilarious, and they are the product of one man's experiences: His name is Tucker Max, and he is still an asshole.

About the Author: Tucker Max

Tucker Max was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Tucker Max is one of our most featured and respected Bios & Memoirs and Comedy authors available on our website. With a total of 4 audiobooks in our collection on, such as I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and Sloppy Seconds: The Tucker Max Leftovers, you can enjoy over 25 hours of stories from Max. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell was added to our online catalog in 2006, making it the oldest audiobook we carry from Max. The audiobook, Sloppy Seconds: The Tucker Max Leftovers, is the latest of his audiobooks to be added to our collection. Though all of Max's Bios & Memoirs audiobooks can be enjoyed by our customers, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is the most popular and bestselling audiobook sold on our site. To view the entire collection of 4 audiobooks, please visit his author page on Tucker Max audiobooks.

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