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Rights of Man (Unabridged)
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Narrator: Bernard Mayes
Format: Unabridged
Release Date: December 1999
Audio Length: 10.25 hours
Rating: 44 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 (774 ratings)
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Publisher Summary

Originally published in 1791 as a reply to Edmund Burke's Reflections on the French Revolution, as a vindication of the French Revolution, and as a critique of the British system of government, Rights of Man is unquestionably one of the great classics on the subject of democracy. Paine created a language of modern politics that brought important issues to the common man and the working classes. Employing direct, vehement prose, Paine defended popular rights, national independence, revolutionary war, and economic growth - all of which were considered, at the time, to be dangerous and even seditious issues. Paine's vast influence was due, in large measure to his eloquent literary style, noted for its poignant metaphors, vigor, and rational directness. With Rights of Man, Paine defended the dignity of men in all countries against all those who considered the average person to be merely one of the swinish multitude. In the United States it fostered sympathy for France, while in Britain, it circulated among republican clubs and became a classic document in the working-class movement.

About the Author: Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine was born on January 29, 1737 in Thetford, England, The United Kingdom and died on June 08, 1809. Thomas Paine is one of our most featured and respected Classics and History authors available on our website. With a total of 7 audiobooks in our collection on, such as Common Sense, Rights of Man and The Rights of Man, you can enjoy over 44 hours of stories from Paine. Rights of Man was added to our online catalog in 1999, making it the oldest audiobook we carry from Paine. The audiobook, The Rights of Man, is the latest of his audiobooks to be added to our collection. Though all of Paine's Classics audiobooks can be enjoyed by our customers, Common Sense is the most popular and bestselling audiobook sold on our site. To view the entire collection of 7 audiobooks, please visit his author page on Thomas Paine audiobooks.

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