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Prior Bad Acts
 audio sample
Narrator: Erik Bergmann
Format: Abridged
Release Date: April 2006
Audio Length: 5.5 hours
Rating: 44 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 (5391 ratings)
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Publisher Summary

New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag returns with a thriller that begins with a shocking crime scene you'll never forget and follows two relentless detectives on a manhunt that ends in a chilling confrontation with the essence of human evil.

It was a crime so brutal, it changed the lives of even the most hardened homicide cops. The Haas family murders left a scar on the community nothing can erase, but everyone agrees that convicting the killer, Karl Dahl, is a start. Only Judge Carey Moore seems to be standing in the way. Her ruling that Dahl's prior criminal record is inadmissible raises a public outcry–and puts the judge in grave danger.

When an unknown assailant attacks Judge Moore in a parking garage, two of Minneapolis's top cops are called upon to solve the crime and keep the judge from further harm. Detective Sam Kovac is as hard-boiled as they come, and his wisecracking partner, Nikki Liska, isn't far behind. Neither one wants to be on this case, but when Karl Dahl escapes from custody, everything changes, and a seemingly straightforward case cartwheels out of control.

The stakes go even higher when the judge is kidnapped–snatched out of her own bed even as the police sit outside, watching her house. Now Kovac and Liska must navigate through a maze of suspects that includes the stepson of a murder victim, a husband with a secret life, and a rogue cop looking for revenge where the justice system failed.

With no time to spare, the detectives are pulled down a strange dark trail of smoke and mirrors, where no one is who they seem and everyone is guilty of Prior Bad Acts.

About the Author: Tami Hoag

Tami Hoag, best known for the bestselling audiobook title Dark Paradise, has become one of the most popular Mysteries & Thrillers and Romance authors on In addition to her most popular titles Dark Paradise, Deeper Than the Dead and Secrets to the Grave, we offer an older selection of audio books that includes Dark Horse, which we added to our inventory in 2002, making it the oldest audiobook from Hoag on our website. The 9th Girl is the latest release from Hoag. With popular audio books such as the Unabridged version of Dark Paradise, read by the popular audiobook narrator Joyce Bean, customers are sure to find a Tami Hoag Mysteries & Thrillers book to suit them. We offer a total of 34 audiobooks in our catalog, featuring over 300 hours of audio. For a complete list of her titles, head over to Hoag's audio book page: Tami Hoag audiobooks.

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