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Audio Books > Great Speakers > Spirituality > Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits

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Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits
 audio sample
Narrator: T.D. Jakes
Format: Abridged
Release Date: April 2007
Audio Length: 6 hours
Rating: 44 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 (868 ratings)
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Publisher Summary

In his latest book, Reposition Yourself, bestselling author T.D. Jakes shares insights that will help readers adjust to the many changes that life brings. This is a shrill wake-up call to take charge of your life now. Not only does it confront areas where subtle passivity or even poor choices may have stifled the reader's creativity, but it also instructs how to manage change and maximize life now. Using wisdom collected from his more than thirty years of counseling and working with everyday and high-profile people, Jakes covers financial, relational, and spiritual creativity and shows how adapting to transitional moments in your life is the path to an enriched existence filled with contentment at every stage. Reposition Yourself offers reality-based plans for those seeking to make the years ahead even more productive. Jakes accepts the inevitability of change, teaching how to embrace and expect it rather than fear it. Mixing both sacred and secular insights, he shares a unique blend of practical and pragmatic steps coupled with the sage wisdom of Scripture for which he is noted. This new book is without question a makeover for the soul. It gives you permission to succeed and the how-to's necessary to position yourself for the limitless potential that comes from making minor adjustments in your thinking and plans. Jakes believes there is nothing more important than your next decision. Before you make another choice, this is a must-listen!

About the Author: T. D. Jakes

Though you may know T. D. Jakes from the popular audiobooks Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven, The Road to Divine Destiny and Manpower 2: Tonight We Wrestle, T. D. Jakes is actually one of the most renowned Christian Audio Books, Fiction and Self Development authors in our catalog. In total, we carry 15 audiobooks from T. D. Jakes on, with the latest Romance title being: On the Seventh Day. Cover Girls was added to our catalog in 2003, making it the author's oldest audiobook available on our website, while Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven is the most popular and bestselling audiobook from T. D. Jakes. Enjoy over 88 hours of audiobook listening from T. D. Jakes, among the 15 audiobooks we have available. With such a wide variety of audiobooks, we know you're sure to enjoy Christian Audio Books books from T. D. Jakes. For more audiobooks and information on T. D. Jakes, please visit their page on T. D. Jakes audiobooks.

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