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Psychic: My Life in Two Worlds (Unabridged)
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Narrator: Hillary Huber
Format: Unabridged
Release Date: May 2010
Audio Length: 8 hours
Rating: 44 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 (144 ratings)
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Publisher Summary

At the age of seventy-three, New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Browne is ready to tell the whole story of her extraordinary life. In Psychic, we meet the woman behind the public figure: from the child receiving her first visits from the spirit world to the teenager doubting her own sanity; from the new mother living through staggering highs and lows to the burgeoning celebrity, and, ultimately, the successful, happily married woman she is today. Filled with never-before-told stories and otherworldly encounters, Psychic is a riveting account of how Sylvia Shoemaker, a traditional girl from Missouri, became world-famous psychic Sylvia Browne. Nothing is off-limits. Sylvia tells the little-known truths behind her three failed marriages'including physical abuse, bankruptcy, and legal troubles'and the financial and emotional damage they wreaked. She revisits her personal demons and describes her physical challenges, including her relatively recent discovery that she'd suddenly gone blind in one eye. And then there is the greatest surprise of all: Sylvia tells how, once she had reached her seventies, and believed her romantic life was over, the real Mr. Right finally'impossibly'showed up. While the press has freely, often bitterly, weighed in on Sylvia's most painful stories, she has remained quiet'until now. Unlike any other book Sylvia has written, Psychic reaches deep beneath the surface of her life, including professional and personal experiences that she is sharing publicly for the first time. With candor, warmth, and a great deal of humor, Sylvia Browne has written the singularly captivating tale of a life lived in two worlds, filled equally with harsh earthly realities and mesmerizing spiritual insights.

About the Author: Sylvia Browne

The success of the audiobooks Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife, Making Contact with the Other Side: How to Enhance Your Own Psychic Powers and Visits from the Afterlife: The Truth about Hauntings, Spirits, and Reunions with Lost Loved Ones, has helped Sylvia Browne become one of our most favored Nonfiction authors by customers. With 25 audiobooks to choose from, including her most-recent title, Afterlives of the Rich and Famous, customers will enjoy over 92 hours of audio from Browne. Though the Abridged version of Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife, read by the popular narrator Sylvia Browne, is her bestselling audiobook in our inventory, Adventures of a Psychic was added to our database in 2000, making it the oldest audiobook available in the collection of titles from Browne. Each Nonfiction book that Sylvia Browne has written has helped contribute to her success. For a complete listing of audio books from Browne, please visit her author page here: Sylvia Browne audiobooks.

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