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Virtually Dead (Unabridged)
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Format: Unabridged
Release Date: January 2010
Audio Length: 9.75 hours
Rating: 33 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5 (53 ratings)
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Publisher Summary

Crime-scene photographer Michael Kapinsky is a man whose first life is in a mess. But his second life is about to get a whole lot messier, with dead bodies turning up in both.

Staggering under the financial burden bequeathed him by his recently deceased wife, Michael is also struggling to come to terms with her death, until his psychologist persuades him to enter a virtual world called Second Life to participate in a new kind of group therapy.

Once there, in the persona of his Brad Pitt lookalike, Chas Chesnokov, Michael soon discovers that murder is not just confined to the real world. Victims whose crime scenes he has attended in the wealthy Southern California resort of Newport Beach have had their avatars clinically executed in the virtual world. The game has just turned deadly.

Co-opted into the Twist of Fate Detective Agency, Michael's Second Life alter ego, Chas, embarks on an investigation with exotic dancer and escort girl Doobie Littlething. Together they uncover a series of killings and a financial scam that is netting the murderer millions of dollars - real dollars.

But when Michael is tempted by the money that mysteriously appears in Chas's Second Life account, both his real and his virtual lives are put in danger. And in a thrilling denouement played out in the dark and secret worlds on both sides of the computer screen, one of them will die and a shocking secret will be revealed.

About the Author: Peter May

If you're looking for an intriguing Mysteries & Thrillers audiobook, then you've come to the right place. Peter May, who was born in 20 Dec 1951, has become one of our most popular Mysteries & Thrillers authors. features 9 audiobooks with over 85 hours of audio from May, including Dry Bones, Freeze Frame: The Enzo Files, Book 4 and The Critic: The Enzo Files, Book 2. While Chinese Whispers: China Thrillers, Book 6 was most recently added to our database, The Critic: The Enzo Files, Book 2 is the oldest of his books in our catalog, added to the website in 2007. Though May has 9 audiobooks in our selection, the Unabridged version of Dry Bones is the most popular audiobook among our customers, narrated by Simon Vance. For a complete list of Mysteries & Thrillers audiobooks from Peter May, please visit his audio book page here: Peter May audiobooks.

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