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Audio Books > Language Instruction > English > Idioms in English, Volume 1

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Idioms in English, Volume 1
 audio sample
Narrator: Unspecified
Format: Original Staging
Release Date: January 2009
Audio Length: 0.75 hours
Rating: 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
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Publisher Summary

This audiobook is designed for non-native speakers of English at the intermediate level and advanced levels. It features four different native speakers of English. Idioms in English will improve your listening comprehension, pronunciation, and vocabulary in English.

An idiom is a group of words with a special meaning of its own that is not clear from the meanings of the individual words. Idioms such as think out of the box and a long shot are used extensively in English in e-mail, newspapers, and conversations. When you don't understand idioms, you can feel left out of a conversation or miss the point of a story. This audiobook focuses on 100 frequently used idioms.

About the Author: Kathy L. Hans

With the success of Idioms in English, Volume 1, Idioms in English, Volume 2 and Idioms in English, Volume 3, Kathy L. Hans has become a beloved Language Instruction author among many of our readers. Kathy L. Hans has released a total of 4 audiobooks, with the most recent being Idioms in English, Volume 4. Not only can you find over 2 hours of audio books from Kathy L. Hans on, but you will also find their bestselling audio book, Idioms in English, Volume 1, read by popular audio book narrator Unspecified. The oldest title in our catalog from Kathy L. Hans, Idioms in English, Volume 1, was added to our site in 2009. To find all Language Instruction audio books from Kathy L. Hans that you will certainly enjoy, please visit their author page and view their entire collection: Kathy L. Hans audiobooks.

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