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Audio Books > Language Instruction > Other Languages > Rhythms Easy Esperanto (Unabridged)

Download Rhythms Easy Esperanto Audiobook (Unabridged)

Rhythms Easy Esperanto (Unabridged)
 audio sample
Narrator: Jamie Stuart
Format: Unabridged
Release Date: February 2011
Audio Length: 1 hours
Rating: 00 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 5
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Publisher Summary

Use your mind's natural rhythm to learn a language with Rhythms Easy Esperanto from EuroTalk.

It's naturally easier to learn something when it's set to rhythmic music, so that is exactly what we've done. Rhythms put your mind painlessly to work: you don't even need to focus! Simple words and phrases are set to a varied pattern of rhythms and music designed to help you learn and to keep you engaged so that you won't just switch off after five minutes. It won't get you fluent, but it will give you an easy road into starting to learn a completely new language.

If you just want a few simple words and phrases before going abroad, Rhythms is all you need. It covers absolute essentials such as how to greet people, basic directions, getting around, food and drink. You'll hear Esperanto spoken by both a male and a female native speaker and there will be plenty of opportunity for you to test how well you're doing with the review stages built in at key points in each track.

Rhythms can be used anytime, anywhere; listen in the car or on the train, walking the dog, doing housework or exercising at the gym. Absorbing a language couldn't be easier and EuroTalk Rhythms has over 120 different languages to choose from.

About the Author: EuroTalk Ltd

If you're looking for a great Language Instruction audio book, then you've come to the right place. EuroTalk Ltd is a preferred author of Language Instruction books, including our bestselling audio books Rhythms Easy Icelandic, Rhythms Easy Khmer and Rhythms Easy Amharic, read by the popular narrator Jamie Stuart. Of all 121 audiobooks in our collection of audio books from Ltd, the Original Staging version of Rhythms Easy Somali is the most recent title to be added to our site. The first book added to our catalog in 2011 was Rhythms Easy Afrikaans, an instant classic from this author. Combined, all 121 audiobooks in our catalog provide over 13 hours of stories from Ltd. , readers will certainly enjoy audio books from this one-of-a-kind Language Instruction author. To find other books you may enjoy, visit EuroTalk Ltd's page on EuroTalk Ltd audiobooks.

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