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Audio Books > Language Instruction > Other Languages > I Speak Hungarian (with Mozart) - Basic Volume (Unabridged)

Download I Speak Hungarian (with Mozart) - Basic Volume Audiobook (Unabridged)

I Speak Hungarian (with Mozart) - Basic Volume (Unabridged)
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Format: Unabridged
Release Date: June 2009
Audio Length: 2 hours
Rating: 00 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 5
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Publisher Summary

I speak Hungarian (with Mozart) aBook - Basic Volume... a must-have for travel! Speak Hungarian instantly! More than 1,700 sound-tracked words, 340 expressions, and 14 tracks.

Basic - a synthesis of useful words and phrases from 30 common topics: personal pronouns, cardinal numbers, money, time, days of the week, months, greetings, usual phrases, questions, thanks, refuses, desires, meetings, languages, friendly subjects, invitations, notices and signs, nationality, on the street, taxi, in the bus, at the railway station, trip by plane, in customs, in the hotel, in the police station, in the cafe, in the cake shop, in the bar, in the restaurant, shopping, at the doctor. Useful for tourists, professionals, and students.

aBook: 200 useful topics in 10 Volumes + 2 Business Volumes - more than 20,000 words and more than 4,000 expressions. *The selected Mozart sonata accompanies you with the aim of helping you to memorize the words.

About the Author: Dr. I'nov

The success of I Speak German (with Mozart) - Basic Volume, Hablo portugues (con Mozart) - volumen basico (Portuguese for Spanish Speakers) and I Speak Croatian (with Mozart) - Basic Volume helped to put Language Instruction author, Dr. I'nov on the map. Dr. I'nov has become one of the most well-liked authors in our catalog. Featuring a total of 103 audiobooks on, customers will find 159 hours of stories that they are sure to enjoy, including their bestselling title I Speak German (with Mozart) - Basic Volume. In 2009, we added Chinese Business, Volume 1 to our database, making it the oldest title from I'nov in our audio book catalog. Most recently, we added the audiobook version of Hablo croata (con Mozart) - volumen basico (Croatian for Spanish Speakers) to our selection. Though the Unabridged version of I Speak German (with Mozart) - Basic Volume, read by popular narrator, is their most popular audiobook, you will surely find a Language Instruction story to enjoy among the 103 audiobooks available. For a complete listing of I'nov's titles, please visit their audio book page here: Dr. I'nov audiobooks.

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