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Audio Books > Fiction > Contemporary > John Dies at the End (Unabridged)

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John Dies at the End (Unabridged)
 audio sample
Narrator: Stephen R. Thorne
Format: Unabridged
Release Date: March 2011
Audio Length: 14.5 hours
Rating: 44 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 (16544 ratings)
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Out of Stock Audio Sample Summary

At first glance, one would think that knowing the ending would spoil the plot. Not so with John Dies at the End. When John and Dave, best friends through the years, meet for the first time in awhile, everything seems normal at first. They talk. Tell each other what's been going on with their lives. But it's obvious right away that things aren't all as they seem...something unusual is afoot, and it has to do with a reporter named Arnie and a drug known only as "Soy Sauce". After a while, though, they start to wonder: is the drug really a drug at all, or something much more powerful? Only time will tell.

John Dies at the End is a riveting, hilarious tale that will have you certain you already know the end at first, before you start to wonder: Do you?

David Wong is a pseudonym for American author Jason Pargin. Born in 1975, his career in writing started a bit unusually. In 1999, he started the site Pointless Waste of Time, which would eventually become, netting him quite a bit of fame along the way. While working as a copy editor at a legal firm, be began creating episodes of a popular web serial that would eventually become John Dies at the End. He is quoted with saying that his pseudonym was originally created to keep his friends and family unassociated with the work, but nowadays the knowledge does not bother him any longer.

Publisher Summary

STOP. You should not have touched this flyer with your bare hands. NO, don't put it down. It's too late. They're watching you. My name is David Wong. My best friend is John. Those names are fake. You might want to change yours. You may not want to know about the things you'll read on these pages, about the sauce, about Korrok, about the invasion, and the future. But it's too late. You touched the book. You're in the game. You're under the eye. The only defense is knowledge. You need to read this book, to the end. Even the part with the bratwurst. Why? You just have to trust me. The important thing is this: The drug is called Soy Sauce and it gives users a window into another dimension. John and I never had the chance to say no. You still do. I'm sorry to have involved you in this, I really am. But as you read about these terrible events and the very dark epoch the world is about to enter as a result, it is crucial you keep one thing in mind: None of this was my fault.

About the Author: David Wong

Though you may know David Wong from the popular audiobook John Dies at the End, Wong is actually one of the most renowned Fiction authors in our catalog. In total, we carry 2 audiobooks from Wong on, with the latest Fiction title being: This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It. John Dies at the End was added to our catalog in 2011, making it the author's oldest audiobook available on our website, while John Dies at the End is the most popular and bestselling audiobook from Wong. Enjoy over 28 hours of audiobook listening from Wong, among the 2 audiobooks we have available. With such a wide variety of audiobooks, we know you're sure to enjoy Fiction books from David Wong. Wong was born in Illinois. For more audiobooks and information on David Wong, please visit his page on David Wong audiobooks.

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