Tremendous Tree Stories Audiobook (Unabridged)

Tremendous Tree Stories (Unabridged), by Clare Viner
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A collection of mysterious and fascinating stories about Trees, told in a unique and original way by storyteller Clare Viner. The stories Clare tells are never written down, so they are never fixed. Each telling is new and spontaneous - like Chinese whispers the stories change a little each time they are told. Things get forgotten and new bits added in; this is the real magic of storytelling, like the breath that tells the tales, the stories themselves are alive, they cannot be pinned like butterflies. So the tales you hear sparkle with spontaneity - like life they are exquisite and unpolished. Listen to them once or twice then recreate them yourself. Let the story change and come alive again, on the pulse of your breath.

Bethuska and the Silver Birch Tree
Based on a Czech folk tale, this is the story of a little girl called Bethuska.
All her life Bethuska has been desperately poor but one day, while she is up in the silver birch tree grove, she meets a mysterious fairy woman who will change her life forever...

The Apple Maiden
This is a Celtic legend from Ireland. It is often told as a great tragedy but the angle has been changed a little, to suggest that the kings son may have been happy with his fate... Next time you eat an apple cut it in half horizontally - this will reveal a star shape inside the apple, an ancient symbol of the fairy-folk.
The Elder Tree
This is a story created by Clare, using traditional folklore and herbal knowledge. There is a tall, silver woman who lives in the Elder tree. She is a wise woman and can heal many troubles - but be sure to ask her permission before cutting her wood, or, like the family in this story, she might just pay you a visit... Download and start listening now!

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