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Audio Books > Mysteries & Thrillers > Modern Detective > The Good Thief's Guide to Paris: A Mystery (Unabridged)

Download The Good Thief's Guide to Paris: A Mystery Audiobook (Unabridged)

The Good Thiefs Guide to Paris: A Mystery (Unabridged)
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Narrator: Simon Vance
Format: Unabridged
Release Date: October 2011
Audio Length: 8.25 hours
Rating: 33 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5 (397 ratings)
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Publisher Summary

Charlie Howard--globe-trotting mystery writer, professional thief, and poor decision maker--is in Paris. Flush with the success of his latest book reading, Charlie agrees to show a complete novice how to break into an apartment in the Marais. Fast-forward twenty-four hours and Charlie's hired to steal an ordinary-looking oil painting--from the exact same address. Mere coincidence? Charlie figures there's no harm in finding out--until a dead body turns up in his living room and he finds himself evading the law while becoming caught up in a quite outrageous heist. And that's before Charlie's literary agent, Victoria, finally decides that they should meet face to face. Nobody ever said a life of suspense was ever easy, but Charlie, the most disarmingly charming burglar since Cary Grant, soon finds things are getting way out of control.

About the Author: Chris Ewan

Though you may know Chris Ewan from the popular audiobooks The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam, The Good Thief's Guide to Vegas and The Good Thief's Guide to Paris: A Mystery, Ewan is actually one of the most renowned Mysteries & Thrillers authors in our catalog. In total, we carry 6 audiobooks from Ewan on, with the latest Mysteries & Thrillers title being: The Good Thief’s Guide to Berlin. The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam was added to our catalog in 2011, making it the author's oldest audiobook available on our website, while The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam is the most popular and bestselling audiobook from Ewan. Enjoy over 49 hours of audiobook listening from Ewan, among the 6 audiobooks we have available. With such a wide variety of audiobooks, we know you're sure to enjoy Mysteries & Thrillers books from Chris Ewan. Ewan was born on January 1, 1976 in Taunton, Somerset, The United Kingdom. For more audiobooks and information on Chris Ewan, please visit his page on Chris Ewan audiobooks.

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