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For many people, the commute to and from work can be an extraordinary waste of precious time. Flipping through radio stations and fumbling for a specific artist on your mp3 player builds stress (as if driving weren’t already stressful enough). There’s a better way to spend your time behind the wheel, though – a more relaxing way. When you rent audio books by mail, they arrive quickly and are yours to hold on to for as long as it takes you to finish. Think of how much time you spend in your car – you’ll be ready for the next book in no time. Fortunately this service allows you to have as many as four titles in your possession at a time. There is no road trip too long; instead of switching stations to avoid obnoxious commercials, you can soak up the literary works of thousands of authors.

When you rent audio books, you’ll notice that the website features a Rental Shelf, which serves as a handy wish list of sorts. As soon as you finish one book, you can send it back (shipping is free!) and expect the next title on your “Rental Shelf” to arrive in your mailbox shortly. Like all of the other services, you are able to cancel your subscription at any time.

Right now you can test out this service with a free trial subscription. Say goodbye to boring commutes and house cleaning; say hello to pretty much any book you want to read!


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